We're Passionate About Strategic Partnering
Creating a map to potential partners sounds easy. But charting a course to successful introductions, engagements, and finalized partnering deals ... well ... therein lies the rub.
That's why, for 20 years, companies have leveraged our long-standing relationships and experience with many of the world's largest companies to identify, qualify, engage, and reel-in strategic partnering potential.
Technology Scouting
Everyone's a scout these days. It's important that you keep the wind in your sails in order to effectively forecast and/or source your next "big discovery".
Let our experts identify opportunities on a global scale that best match your business objectives.
Data & Analytics
Understanding your existing IP position and how it can be optimized is crucial to your overall business strategy. Collecting and analyzing critical competitive intelligence will help you build the insights required to confidently select your organization’s trajectory.
Deal Negotiation
The hard part should be over, as all the negotiating terms may be settled, but not so fast! Many a deal has fallen through at the last moment due to entanglements, indemnity clauses, jurisdiction, auditing, etc. These need to be delicately handled now. You will need patience, calm and a professional manner to win the day. We ensure the deal can be completed smoothly and expeditiously.
Discover more than 22,000 new life science opportunities in our global marketplace, connecting professionals in over 110 countries. Don’t miss an opportunity with our continuous stream of fresh technologies being added and updated each month.
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